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Any commercial venture needs a power backup to ensure smooth functioning. Choose AVR Generators and enjoy the best service out there.


All our Generators come with a minimum 5-year warranty so that you can enjoy a stress-free life.


From small to large scale, all industries need a power back up! AVR Generators has just the perfect solution.

Load Bank Test

We provide Load Bank Testing in compliance with CSA-282


From a snowstorm to unforeseeable conditions, anything can lead to a power outage. Get your backup today from AVR Generators!

Scheduled Maintenance

Unexpected repairs can be stressful!  Scheduled Maintenance can prevent that unexpected burden. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

AVR Generators
is your one-stop solution for all your power backup needs

Power outages are unpredictable and
will occur when least expected.

They may last only a
few moments, or could last for days. There is a wide
variety of reasons a power outage can occur,
such as faults at power stations, damage to electric
transmission lines, substations or other parts of the
distribution system, a short circuit, or the
overloading of electricity mains.


In a lot of cases, an unexpected power outage can become expensive and stressful. 


With the lack of communication and connectivity, unprotected
security systems, and medical devices unable to work; not only are you concerned with the temperatures of your home and the health of your family, but you may be looking at the added costs of hotels, spoiled groceries, and possible pipe
and flood damage.

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Real Google Reviews

    review rating 5  Cory from AVR Generator is very friendly.. He is very responsive and will answer all you questions throughout the project. Very friendly and knowledgeable team including gas and electrician. I am glad to hire a local dealer rather than having someone out of town! Generator is ready to rock during power outages!! Thanks Cory and team!!

    thumb Anwar

    review rating 5  My generac generator used to start up automatically whenever there was a power cut. It stopped doing that, after three technicians taking a look at it and giving me ridiculous quotes, Cory took a look at it - Fixed it in a day and charged me a pretty reasonable amount. Loved it. Really happy!

    thumb arjun chopra

    review rating 5  Supper Awesome Service. Reasonably Priced. Reliable and Punctual. Cory educated me on how generators worked and what would be better for my requirements. Definitely Recommended.

    thumb That’s me HD