As a Canadian, we all are well aware of the Canadian winters and storms. All these conditions can affect your lives severely if storm preparation is not done properly and on time! The statistics show that over 100 people lose their lives each ear due to excessive cold in the country.

With severe winter weather comes the snowstorms, hurricanes, lightning, blizzards, Ice storms, and windstorms. Here are some tips on how you can plan and get some peace of mind for yourself!

Remain Indoors

This one is pretty obvious, right? The Ontario Ministry of the Solicitor General suggests remaining indoors at least 30 minutes after you hear the last rumble during a thunderstorm! Avoid using water during the thunderstorm as well, Lightning can enter the house via metal pipes!

If you are outdoors, find shelter in your nearest close building. Avoid open spaces, shelter under trees and power lines.



Power Backup for Storm Preparation

Power lines are easily affected during any of these adverse weather conditions. These conditions often lead to a power blackout! Power blackouts can affect your lives to a great deal even if the storm has passed. In a rural area, it can be days before you get your power supply back.

A major part to deal with during storm preparation is power blackout, the best option is to get a backup generator for your home and business. AVR Generators provide everything you will require to be prepared for a power blackout. Competitive prices on generators and cheap annual service plans for your power backup ensure that your life will be unaffected by a power outage.

A generator is a necessity if your residence is away from the city. May it be your home or your business a generator ensures that you don’t experience any issues in your life during power outages. Contact AVR Generators today and make sure you are all set for the next winter season!