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activities of your business. From IT server rooms, and refrigeration of delicate items to Municipal Warming Centers, AVR Generators can do everything. At the time when the most genuine power interference happens, our generators have demonstrated their capacity and unparalleled quality. In many cases, our equipment has paid for itself many times over. If your organization needs a reliable back up power system, call the specialists at AVR Generators.

We take care in thoroughly evaluating and analyzing your requirements, offering suggestions that you probably won’t have thought of. Our technicians will get you the equipment you need, on time and on budget.


AVR Generators is your one-stop solution for programmed home back up power in the Greater Toronto Area. Within seconds of a power blackout, the generator identifies that the utility power has been lost and the generator starts automatically, re-establishing power to either the individual circuits you pick or the entire house. Your critical devices, such as your heat, sump, septic and well pumps, refrigerators and freezers, Wi-Fi and security as well as emergency medical devices are protected!

AVR Generators takes incredible time and consideration in evaluating your requirements, and then offers suggestions and solutions that fit your individual needs and budget.


Industrial-Grade generators are intended to deal with the most basic and crucial requests and are completely adjustable. AVR Generators offers solid, trustworthy evaluations to give you a selection of alternatives to meet the particular necessities of your business or application.

Our clients pick modern generators for many critical applications. For example:

  • Server farms
  • Clinics
  • Media transmission
  • Money related institutions
  • Airplane terminals
  • Oil and gas
  • Call centres
  • Life-safety buildings
  • Crisis response or first responders
  • Mining